Petfusion Tranquility Window Bird Feeder

Window feeders are popular because of the accessibility of the seeds to almost all types of birds. Hanging feeders sometimes can only be for specific types of birds but with window feeders, you can actually mix seeds and watch the birds flying over for a fill. Most window feeders are designed to have perches so you can also see them while waiting for their turn to it to when they laze around after a fill. Most of all, suet is not included upon purchase of the said product. Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder has a large bird feeder design that is lightweight and a house-like design.

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  • The product, made of transparent, high quality acrylic lets you see everything the birds are doing while feasting on the seeds.
  • Pull a thick wire or thread through the bread to hang it in your window or balcony.
  • And any visitors immediately want to talk about the bird feeders all over the windows and the entertainment they provide.
  • This one’s made from 90-percent post-consumer recycled plastic, so it’s also a great eco-friendly option.
  • You can make friends with these unrestrained children of nature.

If you place several bird feeders around your yard, you will have greater chances of seeing a large variety of birds. Some birds prefer feeders at ground level and some in trees. Make sure all bird feeder surfaces are disinfected and then rinsed well before being dried thoroughly.

Stylish Aluminum Rowdy Rabbit Pair And Flower Birdfeeder With Stake Garden Décor

We’ve been seeing a trend of using old utensils for the purpose of feeding birds. This one is similar to the wooden spoon idea, but it’s actually an old soup ladle fixed to the wall. You can put a base to the ladle for the birds to stand on. The shiny metal will certainly attract birds to your yard or balconies. This DIY tutorial gives a step-by-step of how to build your standard bird feeder tower with stuff you can upcycle.

Removable Perches

You do not want to get distracted seeing bird poops instead of birds and their beautiful colors. But whatever window feeder type you choose, it will be the same kind of fun. Most window feeders come in a variety of styles such as the ones featured above. Some of them include tube feeders, platform feeders, nectar feeders and jelly feeders. Choosing the right window bird feeder depends on what kind of birds you are trying to attract. The high transparency, clear acrylic window bird feeder lets you watch the birds at a close range and observe them.

They have ripped various parts of it off, throw the food all over the place and chase the smaller birds away. We have had hardly any tits in the last couple of weeks, and the robin has not returned at all. This product mentions Great Tits and Blue Tits and that was attractive to me as they are sweet little birds who make little or no mess.

Plus, you can use one of the sections for water instead of food. An all-inclusive food buffet for your feathered friends! You can use threads to hand fruit slices – birds prefer apples and oranges – to attract birds. You can also include bird seed coated pine cones and nut threads in the garland. As much as it seems convenient as a bird feed, it also proves to be a very decorative piece for your garden.

To play it safe and to save yourself a lot of time, simply fill the feeders a third of the way up, before topping it back up before it runs out. However, if you want to hang something more substantial, such as a seed lantern that has a large width, then an adjustable pole that pulls out to 20cm will do it. If using a short, stumpy seed or peanut feeder , then a bracket width of no more than 10 to 12 cm will do it.

This feeder also has a sliding feeding tray to make it easier for you to clean and refill the tray. Plus there are two compartments so you can place two types of bird feed to attract more bird variations. What I appreciate most about this window feeder is that you can attach it to a sliding window and easily remove the feeding tray when you reach out from inside. This can be handy if you live in an apartment complex or your flat is several floors up. Also, the bottom part, which serves as the seed tray, can easily slide out for refill and cleaning.

Here is a super easy bird feeder that even a child can make. Fit a mason jar tight in a chicken feeder and then with a plate over and enjoy a dual functional feeder out of it. If you love to think creative or DIY projects and are also having some wood-work experience, then you can give a try to wooden bird feeders provided in the list. Easy to set up with durable suction cups that keep the feeder securely on the window.